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Bello is a blend of Central American, South American and African coffees which all unite to give a full-bodied coffee with a slightly smoky and chocolate dry fragrance, spicy wet aroma and a sweet flavour with a mild acidity. Delicious.

Growers from small scale co-operative societies and large estates carefully hand pick red ripe cherries from several coffee varieties.

Only the best grades are selected and journey by ship from locations around the world to our master roasters. These continental coffees are then blended together and roasted to a dark roast profile for the best balance of flavours.

The love and attention the coffee farmer places into his coffee cultivars ultimately translates to the Bello blend, creating a delicious espresso foundation suitable for a variety of coffee-based beverages.



Bello decaffeinated coffee is also made of Arabica coffee beans and has been decaffeinated using the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) method. No health risks are posed by this decaffeination process, due to the fact that the coffee only comes into contact with safe substances and no chemical substances of any kind. In this process, all compounds in the beans which are responsible for the flavour are left unaltered.

Bello decaf coffee is a medium bodied coffee with a pleasant floral dry fragrance, a toasty and chocolate flavour and medium acidity

Bello Coffee is available in store for purchase as the following products at any of our stores;

  • Decaf
  • Medium ground espresso
  • Fine ground espresso
  • Original beans
  • Reusable pods

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